Naam Yoga® Therapies Level I Training

Begins November 19-22, 2015 (9-Month Extensive)

Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome to the Naam Yoga Teacher Training Level I!

"We move for our body,
We breathe for our mind
We chant for our soul. ¨

-Dr. Joseph Michael Levry-

GET 3 FREE Ancient Tools for this New Age that will balance your body, mind and soul!

Discover the secret to longevity, harmony, lasting health, a strong body, a relaxed mind and a happy heart.

Immerse yourself in Naam Yoga’s science of movement, sound, breath work, meditation and the wisdom of Universal Kabbalah.

This 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited program is a unique opportunity to learn, grow and transform your life.

What is the Naam Yoga Teacher Training like?

The spiritual alchemy of combining the practice of yoga and vibrating the Naam (chanting prayer) with the practical application of Universal Kabbalah, provides a seamless experience of life that allows you to master your destiny.
The Naam Yoga Therapies teacher training team teaches this course. In addition to the classroom time, this training utilizes time the time between weekends and participants' own accelerated evolutionary process to impart the deep meaning and experience of Naam. Extended time for study and continued mantric practice also help people as they go through their transformational process steadily and with the guidance and support of their peers and teachers.

Naam Yoga® teaches us to use the divine Word in prayer, which will awaken the spirit, revealing the true essence of self, purifying the body and mind. Universal Kabbalah teaches us how to work with the laws of Nature, through which the unknown becomes known, the unseen becomes seen, and the unheard becomes heard. This sacred technology provides the integrated tools for radiant health, well-being and ultimately divine consciousness, to help you move from the head to the heart center and face challenges with Grace.

Immerse yourself in this unique 200-hour Teacher Training program of yoga, mudras, mantras, breath work, self-healing techniques and Universal Kabbalah. This Extensive training program also includes instruction and certification in Shakti Naam® Level I, the "Yoga of Immortality" and the latest facet of Naam Yoga Therapies that creates vitality and balance in life through stretching and breath work. Open your heart, awaken cosmic consciousness and uplift others!

NAAM YOGA® THERAPIES LEVEL I TRAINING PROGRAM - EXTENSIVE FORMAT This is an Extensive Format training that takes place from Thursday to Sunday over five weekends at the Naam Yoga® Prague. The program will start on Thursday, September 24, 2015 and end in May 2016. See dates below:

Module 1: Nov 19-22 (Thu pm to Sat)
Module 2: Jan 21-24 (Thu pm to Sat)
Module 3: Mar 31-Apr 3 (Thu pm to Sat)
Module 4: May 5-8 (Thu pm to Sat)
Module 5: Aug 25-28 (Thu pm to Sat)
* subject to change

The training will be in English (with simultaneous translation into Czech)

Naam Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Shakti Naam Yoga

As part of this training you will be certified in Shakti Naam Level I. The latest advancement in Naam Yoga Therapies, Shakti Naam Yoga is designed to slow down the aging process, strengthen the immune system and remove stress completely. You will learn powerful standing postures and breath work for detoxification, vitality and strength. Shakti Naam Yoga is the "Yoga of Immortality", putting you in touch with your divine power.

The Science of Mudra Therapy 

You will learn over 100 mudras, or hand seals, with specific medical applications that you can use as tools in resolving and even reversing physical, emotional and mental imbalances. In addition, you will learn about the vast matrix of meridians running through the body and how to alleviate pain and speed up the healing process by massaging specific points on the hands.

Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Mudra Series 

These healing series remove blockages and restore harmony in the subtle, living energy networks that feed and nurture all the body's tissues and cells

The Science of Sound and Naam 

An intensive experience of Naam and its miraculous capacity. Learn to feel the music of life and the harmonic connection that exists between all beings.

Acu-Sound Therapy

The science of using sound to energize and help restore proper organ function.

Physical Anatomy, Nervous System Physiology and Neurobiology

An understanding of the impact of sound and vibration from a medical perspective. You will be able to explain the healing process from a scientific point of view.

Universal Kabbalah

You will also be exposed to the life-changing wisdom of Universal Kabbalah. This course material includes many aspects of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, designed to supplement and compliment the Naam Yoga Therapies Teacher Training curriculum.
• Origin and innovation of Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry
• Unveil your destiny and wellbeing through the 7 Creative Planets
• Overcome the impact of the 7 Negative Karmic Influences and the Body of Pain
• Power of Manifestation: personal and career fulfillment and abundance
• Practical use of Kabbalistic Numerology
• A taste of the Tree of Life, The Tarot and the Hebrew Alphabet
• How to move from your fate to your destiny
• Kabbalistic Codes for Spiritual growth

Naam Yoga Instructors

Each teacher will give you their personal best. You will discover different ways to teach a Naam Yoga class, create your own teaching style and learn how to go deeper into your own practice.

Naam in Action

Learn more about the origin of Naam Yoga

The origins of Shakti Naam
as practiced in Naam Yoga

- Taste the power of Naam Yoga -

GET 3 FREE Ancient Tools for this New Age that will balance your body, mind and soul!

The Location

Located in Prague, Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe, NAAM PRAHA is a cozy franchise center that has been blessed to share and spread the teachings of Naam Yoga and Universal Kabbalah with anyone ready to receive.

Location Located in a very nice residential area, very close to the city center (2 subway stops or about 15 min walk), easily accessible via subway and tram. Just around the corner from a beautiful square Jiřího z Poděbrad with many cafés, restaurants and farmer's market. NAAM PRAHA, Lucemburská 3, Praha 3

Website Contact us with any questions +420 734 480 033

Price of your Intensive Naam Yoga Teacher Training

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Reserve Now

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